Baby Raccoons

I just got back from a fun one today. I was out at a manufactured home and this client had a raccoon problem. It busted out a vent and went underneath their home. It’s that time of year, mating season, so I thought there might be babies involved, so I came prepared. Unfortunately, the homeowner had already found and disposed of the mom. As I got closer I could still hear noises, so there were indeed babies. I crawled underneath the house to locate where they were. I had to cut a hole into the insulation under the belly wrap and saw some cute little guy staring at me. Luckily, I was able to pull them out safely.

Now I’m home, I didn’t want to do a video on this on location and make the homeowner feel any worse. In this industry, I do dispatch some animals, but today I got to save some. Now I’ve got four little baby raccoons in my office. They’re about three weeks old or so and not very mobile. Tomorrow morning I am going to start reaching out to all the rehab centers in central Minnesota to hopefully find them a home to give these babies a chance.

So, if you or someone you know thinks they have a raccoon, bat, bird, or any other mammal in their home, especially during this time of year, call your local wildlife officer to help you relocate the animal and keep your family and theirs safe.

Hey, you know who to call, Travis Theis from Dick Nuisance Animal Control, because I am your local wildlife officer and I walk on the wild side.