Beavers Gone Wild!

It’s Travis with Dick’s Nuisance Animal Control of St. Cloud! Do you have water near your house in a pond, small river, or swamp? Don’t just assume that it is due to the large amount of snow and rain we have gotten recently. You should check for beaver dams. Years like this are prime time for beavers to come out of their usual living areas and create dens and dams in other places. The high level of water this year can cause beavers to move to smaller bodies of water due to their dens being flooded. The smaller bodies of water can be a more stable environment for them to live in. Beavers’ dams can create flooding in your house, chew down your trees, and be destructive on your property. I can help trap beavers at your business or residential properties. Give me a call because I walk on the wild side!