It’s breeding season…Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here’s a little PSA for you:

It’s coming to the end of January, which means it’s time to start planning for Valentine’s Day. While you are finding romance in the air so are the animals.

February is actually the start of the breeding season. They start now so they can have a 60-day gestation period and have their young ones in May and June.

Although we are experiencing a warmer-than-usual winter it is still cold and animals such as coyotes, muskrats, squirrels, you name it are still looking for a place to build their “love nest”. Many people are unaware, but even bats, bears, and raccoons mate while they are in hibernation. 

So make sure your home is protected and doesn’t become a love shack!

Here at DNAC we are efficient and try to save our clients money by setting up multiple traps in one visit to catch as many animals as we can. 

If you hear some racket going on give us a call and will get it taken care of because we walk on the wild side so you don’t have to!

Pro Tip: Cheetos are a great bait for humans and animals alike, so keep that in mind this Valentine’s Day and pick up an extra bag.