Finishing Bat Season!

We are coming to the end of bat season! Normally, I shoot for about the 15th of October to be done doing exclusions because of the change in weather. This morning, at about seven o’clock, there were white roofs and frost on the ground. A general rule of thumb for bats is, if bugs don’t fly, bats don’t fly.

We are going to have a little bit of a warming trend here coming up which may extend the season. They will still come out for a couple more weeks, but we’re pushing the envelope. I’m racing right now to get my last dozen bat jobs done before the 15th and will be working through the weekend. If you are looking for a bat exclusion, give me a call right away, so we can try and schedule you for this season. I can come out now for an inspection or get you on the books right away for the season starting in spring. Again, when the bugs fly!

It’s a great time of year, nice cool days for working, but it’s also the change of the seasons. As bats move out squirrels and mice are moving in. Be on the lookout. Animals always tell you what’s going on.


But, hey, everybody enjoy the beautiful weather, enjoy the colors and the scenery. Have a great October and keep me in mind for those wild critters because…I walk on the wild side!