Safely Trapping Beavers

Today I’m doing one of the things I enjoy most, I’m beaver trapping today for someone on a lake. These beavers are starting to knock down a lot of trees causing a lot of damage.

I wanted to take you with me today because hands down I think I got you beat with this view. It’s definitely better than any view from your office or cubical. I got a couple of swans hanging out chilling.

I already found two beaver runs. So I got those set with my handy dandy canoe and a couple of cage traps. That’s what sets me apart from others. When I was walking up and down this lake I saw a string and I was kind of curious about what it was and there was a 330 tied to the end of it. Luckily I carry my handy dandy walking stick or else I would have got my foot in it. I probably would have broken my foot. So I use these cage traps because there are houses on this lake with domestic animals. I saw a dog track on the shoreline by that other lodge. Some other trappers use caster when they are setting beaver traps which attracts other animals which can harm a domestic animal. Just another reason to be careful who you hire.

There are a couple of beaver lodges on this lake. At this lodge, I already found the run and have a trap set. You can find a run by walking around the lodge and measuring the depth of the water. When you have a sudden change with a hard bottom then you know you found a run. They are creatures of habit they they will come in and out in the same spot. Normally, it’s a big U as they push up all this mud and stuff onto the banks. 

This is about a five-acre lake and I still have a lot of paddling to do to check the other sides where I see down trees and stuff. The customer said there’s been trapping done here many times over the years, but that’s pretty common with beavers. Trapping beavers is more like a home maintenance thing. They travel from lake to lake as water sources dry up, so you need to be on the lookout and know what to look for such as fresh chew downs and plugged culverts.

Thanks for joining me today hope you enjoyed the view and learn about another reason why you called me Travis Theis from Dick’s Nuisance Animal Control because I’ll walk on the wild side.