We work when things get wild!

Good evening everyone, Travis Theis from Dick’s Nuisance Animal Control. I am your local wildlife Control officer even on Sunday nights.

Just, a friendly reminder that I do, even though I don’t publicize it, work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you having issues, like this customer of mine, sometimes it needs to be addressed ASAP.

So what I’m doing tonight is actually removing a raccoon from their basement in their living quarters. They heard it and they saw it on camera go up the downspout and push its way in, they heard it in the wall and then in the basement.

So right now,  it’s living in between the floors, hiding. The family of course isn’t going to go down the stairs. But we want to take care of this right away because he’s going to urinate and poop all over and tear things up while looking for food. Raccoons can be very destructive.

So, I’m in my garage got the truck running warming up and I’m fabricating this trap that I have here. I will use this to hopefully catch it tonight.

I have used this trap before. If you watched previously I caught six on that roof downing in Kingston, but they bent the back door of this trap. To fix it I’m using some zip ties as reinforcements. The next step is to stop and pick up some bate then head over to the customer’s house. He called about a half hour ago as I was sitting in my pajamas watching TV. I wouldn’t want to live with raccoons either so here I am dressed and ready to walk on the wild side!

If you hear things, see things, or you’re just not sure give me a call. Let’s try and prevent damage to your home and from it happening again. I wear many hats and sometimes it’s just figuring out what’s in your home. But the customer has the raccoon on video and they have actually had raccoons before.  I’ve trapped this house before and had them get rid of the trees they were using climbing up and had a contractor closed off the area they were getting in.

There’s something else going on here that we have to figure out. What I think is happening is someone in the neighborhood is very generous to the animals which is to each their own.

But it’s drawing animals into these neighborhoods where these houses are and there is something about this client’s house that makes it very susceptible for animals to get in.

So, I saw a video where this raccoon stood up on his hind legs, pushing on socket pieces trying to raise them up to get into a house. Raccoons are very smart and have thumbs, they grab and are like magicians to say the least.

Who do you know that works at six o’clock on Sunday night to help people out? This guy. If you have any questions, common, or concerns about noises or anything going on in your house. Give me a call, Travis Theis from Dick’s Nuisance Animal Control. I am your local wildlife control officer because I do walk on the wild side.